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Bug Central termite & pest controlBug Central Termite and Pest Control has been serving Southern California for over two decades now. As a leading exterminator in our region, we strive to offer a full range of pest control services that are centered around honesty, reliability, and a genuine concern to meet our customers’ needs.  Our green solutions for pest eradication are sustainable pest control solutions that many Southern California residents have come to trust. In our line of work we encounter lots of different bug species and rodents that not only carry deadly germs and diseases, but are nuisances to homeowners.

As green exterminators we make use of a number of environmentally friendly pest control products that successfully eliminate termites, beetles, and general household pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents. All of our services are available at affordable prices allowing homeowners to benefit from our services without hidden costs or last minute charges. In addition, our methods of pest control are able to offer sustainable solutions so your home can be protected for a long period of time rather than insufficient short term pest control offered by other companies.  Bug Central’s ProTech® Pest Protection eliminates pests and simultaneously protects your home with a shield that will deter pests for many years to come.

Bug Central exterminators are fully-licensed in the state of California and our services have effectively met the pest and termite control needs of homeowners, real estate agents, non-profit organizations, schools, apartment owners, contractors, builders, and a number of commercial properties. We are expert at determining pest species, and will make certain that the correct pest control methods are implemented to eradicate the pest problem you are encountering. As leading exterminators, Bug Central is able to offer a total pest control service for a number of pests including bees, wasps, silverfish, spiders, gophers, crickets, moths, fleas, and ticks. Our service is committed to ensuring that our customers receive 100% satisfaction with each pest control treatment. If you have a pest problem, do not leave it until it becomes a serious infestation, simply allow our trained professional exterminators to fully assess and get rid of those annoyings pests in your home. We also provide pest control for stores and restaurants to make certain that all pests are eliminated on a regular basis, thus, removing the threat of infestation. Our website provides full details on our range of services as well as a full list of pest control products that we currently use.