Pest Control for Homeowners

Bug Central Termite and Pest Control has been meeting the needs of homeowners with effective means to eradicate termites and maintain a level of ongoing control. Making use of a number of environmentally friendly pest control products, our customers are provided with the assurance that their unwanted “house guests” will be swiftly evicted. Our home termite and pest control solutions will eradicate your home from pests, such as ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, termites, bees, and wasps. Your home is your sanctuary and in light of this fact, Bug Central is committed to meeting your home’s pest control needs with a service that is centered on integrity, honesty, reliability, and the very best pest control service within the industry. Bug Central has developed a range of pest control solutions and treatment methods that not only eradicates colonies of termites, but is able to successfully keep them out in the future.

Bug Central’s home pest control service is offered with the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Our trained and experienced pest control technicians will ensure that they make use of the right solution that will effectively rid your home of pesky pests. Not only are we able to meet the needs of homeowners, but our pest control solutions have been trusted and relied upon by property managers, real estate agents, lending institutions, escrow companies, contractors, non-profit agencies, county agencies, school districts, multi-housing units, apartment owners, and a number of commercial properties. Since we are one of the few pest control companies that are committed to delivering environmentally friendly pest control, we are a first choice among both homeowners and commercial property owners in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and surrounding areas.

No matter what type of pest is causing havoc in your home, you can put your trust in Bug Central to deliver the best home pest control treatment that will put an end to your pest problem.  For over two decades Bug Central has been at the forefront of pest control across Southern California and since our inception we have enjoyed success in all our pest and termite control projects. Our website offers online users the opportunity to identify pest types and order an inspection online which is the first step to total elimination of unwanted and unwelcome pests. Don’t let annoying termites and other pest invade your home any longer. Bug Central technicians have the power to free your home of pests and let you enjoy your home and your space without the threat of a hostile take over.