Natural Pest Control

bora care termite controlBug Central has been serving the Southern California area for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on being a natural pest control company.  We have developed and grown by our diligent adherence to honesty, reliability, and excellent service to customers.  Bug Central is intent upon offering cost-effective, eco-friendly, green solutions for natural pest control in existing homes, businesses, and new house construction sites.

Bug Central promotes the use of Termidor® for termite control which is a newer chemical technology that produces excellent results in destroying subterranean termites. Termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid Termidor® and it is a long-lasting and slow-killing product. Once termites contact, ingest, and are infected by this pest control solution they are totally unaware that it will kill them. Termites take the effects of Termidor® deep into their colonies where they transfer the eliminating chemical. Termidor® has consistently proven to be the fastest and most effective pesticide for the complete eradication of termite populations and stops the return of the termites in treated areas.

Bug Central’s ProTech Pest Protection Plan naturally eliminates pests and leaves an invisible shield of protection around your house. Licensed inspectors and technicians arrive at locations fully-trained and equipped to apply the best products for natural pest control. Bora-Care® is a long-lasting natural pest control solution that was formulated with a high regard for the environment and health of residents in mind. Bug Central uses Bora-Care® for interior and exterior natural pest control to treat drywood termites, subterranean termites, wood destroying beetles, and wood decaying fungi.  With Bora-Care® Bug Central completely and efficiently eliminates the source of wood as food for pests. Over ten years of efficacy studies have proven that wood-destroying organisms cannot develop resistance to the Bora Care®. Bug Central also uses Orange Oil products as a solution for natural pest control.  Orange Oil products contain the active ingredient d-Limonene which is extracted from the rinds of oranges and is the same chemical found in many household products.

All the natural pest control products used by Bug Central are accepted by the United States Department of Housing and Development as effective treatments against termites in new house construction projects, and Bora-Care® products are specifically listed by international building codes as a suitable alternative to soil treatments. We at Bug Central feel privileged to be able to offer Bora-Care® natural pest control solutions to customers knowing that at the National Green Builder Show, Green Builder Magazine awarded the Overall Grand Prize “Best of Show 2006” to Bora-Care®.