[column width=”1/3″ place=”first” ]mosquito bug central[/column] [column width=”2/3″ place=”last” ]Mosquitoes have two wings and belong to the family of true flies. In the United States there are over 175 recognized species of Mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes have mouthparts that form a long piercing-sucking proboscis. The males mouthparts are not suitable for piercing skin. Most humans think that mosquitoes live off of the blood they suck from us but actually a mosquito’s main food is nectar or similar source of sugar.

Make sure to keep your yard free of standing water. Mosquitoes like pet water dishes or water sitting in old pots or fountains. Correct any issues where sprinklers are over watering and causing puddles that never dry up. Females lay their eggs on the surface of the water in batches of 75-100 so they can multiply quick hatching new mosquitoes in a couple of weeks.  [/column]