10 Reasons To Choose Bug Central

Since our start in 1989, Bug Central has completed over 35,000 inspections and our commitment to quality service and affordable prices drives our success.

Here’s 10 reasons to choose Bug Central over the other guys:


    1. Bug Central has the experience needed to keep both seller and buyer happy. Everyone wants a smooth transaction without surprises, Bug Central’s experience and ability to get a job done right the first time saves everyone a lot of headaches.
    2. Bug Central’s office staff has years of field experience! That’s right, when you call there is someone intelligent that knows the business to speak with you. Sounds basic, but many of you know what we are referring to.
    3. Bug Central is also a licensed General Contractor. We do our own repairs in house.
    4. Bug Central is licensed in all three branches of pest control. We offer complete termite and pest control services.
    5. We give our customers free inspections with our prices for treatment and repairs quoted.


Questions regarding free inspections: 
Are your inspections really free? Yes, we give free inspections to home owners and agents representing sellers.
What if you don’t get the work, are you going to bill us? No.
What if the property has no problems and we need a Clearance Report? If a property is clear (which means there are no findings or recommendations) and you need a “Certification Clause” in the report for escrow, we charge a small fee of $125.00 to cover the cost of the inspection and processing of paper work to supply escrow with the documents.


  1. Fast Service. Most of the time we can help you out in a pinch with a same day inspection when needed.
  2. We set our expectations high. We want 100% customer satisfaction.
  3. Bug Central’s vehicles are clean and clearly marked.
  4. Bug Central gives you all the above for the same or lower price than the other guys.
  5. Bug Central recommends fumigation only when absolutely necessary. Some companies call for fumigation on every escrow inspection, even if they only find one spot of termites.


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

Bug Central Customer Service.