Pest & Termite Control for Commercial Properties

termite control orange countyFor over 20 years, Bug Central Termite and Pest Control has successfully served the needs of commercial customers with sustainable pest control methods that deliver effective results in eradicating germ-carrying and annoying pests such as roaches, ants, termites, bees, spiders, and rodents. Our licensed inspectors and exterminators are trained in the latest developments of commercial pest control which allows us to effectively rid your establishment of pests. In addition, Bug Central’s range of pest control methods are environmentally-friendly and have been proven to be effective for months after the initial application. Bora-Care®, for example, is a long-lasting natural termite control solution that was specifically created to ensure environmental friendliness. For commercial pest control our products are able to be used both indoors and outdoors and are the ideal choice for restaurant owners who utilize both indoor and outdoor dining facilities. Our commercial customers include property managers who manage a number of properties, as well as real estate agents who must ensure that the properties they are selling are free and clear of active termites and pests.

The commercial pest control services of Bug Central extend to lending institutions, non-profit organizations, school districts, multi-unit H.O.A., apartment complexes, and a number of other commercial properties where the demand for pest-free buildings is paramount. Bug Central has been at the forefront of effectively controlling a number of pests in Southern California for over 20 years and our company is committed to offering all customers, both commercial and residential, excellent, efficient, and affordable pest control services. In addition, our commitment to green pest control is evident via our wide range of environmentally friendly pest control products. One effective green product that we use on termites quite often is Termidor® which is virtually undetectable to termites, and is transferred deep within termite colonies eradicating masses of termites.

We offer commercial customers access to monthly and bi-monthly pest control solutions that make certain that pest populations are controlled at regular intervals, thus, eliminating the threat of infestation within commercial institutions like diners, bakeries, and other eateries where effective pest control is needed. Our pest control services have been relied upon to control populations of rodents, gophers, bees, wasps, birds, moths, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and of course the most notorious restaurant pest, roaches. In fact, Bug Central is able to deal with a number of unwelcome pests and our services extend to meet the needs of customers with the most advanced pest control methods in the industry. Our service extends to customers throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas. Check out our website to find out how our extensive pest control experience will eliminate pests in your home or business.

Pest & Termite Exterminators for Homeowners – We Get the Job Done Right

Bug Central termite & pest controlBug Central Termite and Pest Control has been serving Southern California for over two decades now. As a leading exterminator in our region, we strive to offer a full range of pest control services that are centered around honesty, reliability, and a genuine concern to meet our customers’ needs.  Our green solutions for pest eradication are sustainable pest control solutions that many Southern California residents have come to trust. In our line of work we encounter lots of different bug species and rodents that not only carry deadly germs and diseases, but are nuisances to homeowners.

As green exterminators we make use of a number of environmentally friendly pest control products that successfully eliminate termites, beetles, and general household pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents. All of our services are available at affordable prices allowing homeowners to benefit from our services without hidden costs or last minute charges. In addition, our methods of pest control are able to offer sustainable solutions so your home can be protected for a long period of time rather than insufficient short term pest control offered by other companies.  Bug Central’s ProTech® Pest Protection eliminates pests and simultaneously protects your home with a shield that will deter pests for many years to come.

Bug Central exterminators are fully-licensed in the state of California and our services have effectively met the pest and termite control needs of homeowners, real estate agents, non-profit organizations, schools, apartment owners, contractors, builders, and a number of commercial properties. We are expert at determining pest species, and will make certain that the correct pest control methods are implemented to eradicate the pest problem you are encountering. As leading exterminators, Bug Central is able to offer a total pest control service for a number of pests including bees, wasps, silverfish, spiders, gophers, crickets, moths, fleas, and ticks. Our service is committed to ensuring that our customers receive 100% satisfaction with each pest control treatment. If you have a pest problem, do not leave it until it becomes a serious infestation, simply allow our trained professional exterminators to fully assess and get rid of those annoyings pests in your home. We also provide pest control for stores and restaurants to make certain that all pests are eliminated on a regular basis, thus, removing the threat of infestation. Our website provides full details on our range of services as well as a full list of pest control products that we currently use.

Pest Control for Homeowners

Bug Central Termite and Pest Control has been meeting the needs of homeowners with effective means to eradicate termites and maintain a level of ongoing control. Making use of a number of environmentally friendly pest control products, our customers are provided with the assurance that their unwanted “house guests” will be swiftly evicted. Our home termite and pest control solutions will eradicate your home from pests, such as ants, spiders, rodents, roaches, termites, bees, and wasps. Your home is your sanctuary and in light of this fact, Bug Central is committed to meeting your home’s pest control needs with a service that is centered on integrity, honesty, reliability, and the very best pest control service within the industry. Bug Central has developed a range of pest control solutions and treatment methods that not only eradicates colonies of termites, but is able to successfully keep them out in the future.

Bug Central’s home pest control service is offered with the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Our trained and experienced pest control technicians will ensure that they make use of the right solution that will effectively rid your home of pesky pests. Not only are we able to meet the needs of homeowners, but our pest control solutions have been trusted and relied upon by property managers, real estate agents, lending institutions, escrow companies, contractors, non-profit agencies, county agencies, school districts, multi-housing units, apartment owners, and a number of commercial properties. Since we are one of the few pest control companies that are committed to delivering environmentally friendly pest control, we are a first choice among both homeowners and commercial property owners in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and surrounding areas.

No matter what type of pest is causing havoc in your home, you can put your trust in Bug Central to deliver the best home pest control treatment that will put an end to your pest problem.  For over two decades Bug Central has been at the forefront of pest control across Southern California and since our inception we have enjoyed success in all our pest and termite control projects. Our website offers online users the opportunity to identify pest types and order an inspection online which is the first step to total elimination of unwanted and unwelcome pests. Don’t let annoying termites and other pest invade your home any longer. Bug Central technicians have the power to free your home of pests and let you enjoy your home and your space without the threat of a hostile take over.

Natural Pest Control

bora care termite controlBug Central has been serving the Southern California area for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on being a natural pest control company.  We have developed and grown by our diligent adherence to honesty, reliability, and excellent service to customers.  Bug Central is intent upon offering cost-effective, eco-friendly, green solutions for natural pest control in existing homes, businesses, and new house construction sites.

Bug Central promotes the use of Termidor® for termite control which is a newer chemical technology that produces excellent results in destroying subterranean termites. Termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid Termidor® and it is a long-lasting and slow-killing product. Once termites contact, ingest, and are infected by this pest control solution they are totally unaware that it will kill them. Termites take the effects of Termidor® deep into their colonies where they transfer the eliminating chemical. Termidor® has consistently proven to be the fastest and most effective pesticide for the complete eradication of termite populations and stops the return of the termites in treated areas.

Bug Central’s ProTech Pest Protection Plan naturally eliminates pests and leaves an invisible shield of protection around your house. Licensed inspectors and technicians arrive at locations fully-trained and equipped to apply the best products for natural pest control. Bora-Care® is a long-lasting natural pest control solution that was formulated with a high regard for the environment and health of residents in mind. Bug Central uses Bora-Care® for interior and exterior natural pest control to treat drywood termites, subterranean termites, wood destroying beetles, and wood decaying fungi.  With Bora-Care® Bug Central completely and efficiently eliminates the source of wood as food for pests. Over ten years of efficacy studies have proven that wood-destroying organisms cannot develop resistance to the Bora Care®. Bug Central also uses Orange Oil products as a solution for natural pest control.  Orange Oil products contain the active ingredient d-Limonene which is extracted from the rinds of oranges and is the same chemical found in many household products.

All the natural pest control products used by Bug Central are accepted by the United States Department of Housing and Development as effective treatments against termites in new house construction projects, and Bora-Care® products are specifically listed by international building codes as a suitable alternative to soil treatments. We at Bug Central feel privileged to be able to offer Bora-Care® natural pest control solutions to customers knowing that at the National Green Builder Show, Green Builder Magazine awarded the Overall Grand Prize “Best of Show 2006” to Bora-Care®.